Customer Insight

Customer Insight

Understanding Your Customers’ View of Your Company and Your Rating Score

In today’s business environment, it is important to fully understand what your customers think of your product and service.

  • Are they satisfied?
  • Will they refer you to others?
  • What are they saying online about your company?
  • And most importantly, are you aware of what they are saying?

Knowledge is Gold!

The Talk Awards’ rating system is a snapshot representing countless hours of research and almost one million online user reviews searched. And now it is a valuable resource to you and your business offered at no charge.

As you see the new Talk Awards ratings posted each year you will begin to better understand the trend that is developing and the opinions your customers have about your product.

If your ratings fall, it may be time to start working on better customer service, better product, better pricing and so forth. As a ranked company you scored between a 4-star and 5-star rating. If you are a 4 star, you will need to get more and better feedback posted online from your customers.

Note: Every year you will receive a Talk Awards rating score. It comes only once a year and can only be changed if Talk Awards is supplied with supportive documentation of online reviews to merit a change. It is a very important score and can be just the feedback you need to support your current efforts or institute changes to better serve your customers.

A deep and accurate understanding of your customers is the foundation upon which successful marketing efforts are built. To communicate effectively, you must see the purchase decision-making process and the media landscape through their eyes.

Goal-specific: We’ll work with you to choose only the resources you need to identify opportunities for growth.

  • Answer the "who," "how," "why" and "where" of consumer decisions to create the most comprehensive view of the consumer available.
  • Build on a deep practice dedicated to understanding consumer decisions and media usage, and include expertise in media, in-store and e-commerce environments.
  • Define consumers based on your actual marketing target or traditional age/sex demographics.

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