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Congratulations on being named a recipient of this year's Talk Awards Customer Satisfaction Award. To order your custom promotional and marketing materials, please fill out the form below and send by clicking on the submit button. If you prefer, you may fill out the form, print and fax directly to our Accounting Department at 877-712-3649.

Note: All orders are verified to ensure only award winners may purchase materials.

Award Packages

Silver Package: $299.00

  • Beautiful 10" by 13" walnut-wood-framed Talk Awards Plaque
  • Set of (2) 4" x 5" Winner’s Logo Window Decals
  • Star Page Upgrade
  • JPEG Images of Award Plaque and Winner's Logo

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Gold Package: $379.00

  • Includes everything in the Silver Package, plus...
  • 2 Employee Award Certificates presented on behalf of Talk Awards and your business to thank staff members for helping the business reach award status through their hard work and dedication

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Full Blown Media Blast: $1079.00

  • Includes everything in the Silver Package, plus…
  • Custom press release written and edited by our expert writers using keywords and links for Search Engine Optimization
  • The press release in an electronic version to post on your website, blogs, Twitter and Facebook
  • Distribution of your custom press release throughout the newswires including Yahoo, Google, Bing,,, and

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Company Profile: $1385.00

  • Includes everything in the Silver Package, plus…
  • A 1-page company profile written, edited and designed with your photos by our expert team to highlight your company’s specialties and accomplishments
  • 500 full-color glossy reprints of the profile to use as collateral marketing materials
  • An electronic version of the profile to post on websites, blogs, Twitter, etc.

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Bronze Package: $179.00

  • Full-color 8.5" by 11" Winner's Certificate on high-quality photo paper
  • Set of (2) 4" x 5" Winner's Logo Window Decals
  • Star Page Upgrade
  • JPEG Images of Award Certificate and Winner’s Logo

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Optional Upgrades (Can be added to any of the above)

Full-color Glossy Poster: $125.00

  • 2-foot by 3-foot poster of your award plaque image

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Winner's Logo Vehicle Magnets: $109.00

  • Set of (2) 11.25" by 8.5" car door magnets customized with your plaque image, the winner's logo and your telephone number to attach to vehicles and further brand your business as a customer satisfaction award winner

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